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Simplifying your everyday life.

Your home should be a space that gives you a feeling of joy, comfort, and peace, rather than stress over clutter and misplaced items. Before & After will work with you to achieve your vision of an organized home. We accomplish this by helping you declutter, maximizing your space and storage, and creating customized, realistic, and flexible systems. We offer professional home organizing services - from attics to basements and everything in between. Keeping you involved in the process ensures that the end results will match your personality and lifestyle.  

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Efficient solutions for working effectively.

An organized office environment translates into a more productive workspace. Before & After Organizing by Jan will help you to increase your efficiency and improve your performance by optimizing your space, adjusting/creating filing (digital or paper) management systems, and streamlining daily tasks. Being able to concentrate without distractions and quickly locate important documents prevents wasted time, forgotten deadlines and items slipping through the cracks. We evaluate your current systems and work alongside you to adjust or create new ones. A clean and organized workspace lends itself to a more focused mindset. 

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Well Organized Closet


Carrying your success forward.

You’ve done it! You have worked hard, learned key organizing principles, and achieved your vision of what a home or office should be. Everything reflects you and your lifestyle in an organized and coherent way. However, life is always changing, and sometimes it can become so busy that the clutter piles up again and the once orderly desk is covered with papers. Periodic upkeep sessions (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly) allow us to review and update your organizing systems in long island and help to get you back on track quickly.  

maintenance service
chronic diso service


Everyone experiences disorganization in their life at one point or another. However, when disorganization is ongoing and impacts everyday life, it is categorized as chronic disorganization. Failed attempts to get organized as a result of losing track of time and difficulty letting things go are common.  For people diagnosed with ADHD, prioritizing tasks and being unsure where to start a project can make organizing feel overwhelming. We set small goals and work with you to achieve each one.  We keep you focused on each task with patience and without judgment. Maintenance appointments are critical to help solidify new habits and prevent backsliding.

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Our Techniques

Every space and every client is unique, and so is the range in techniques we use to service them.






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