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About Before   After

Before & After Organizing by Jan LLC offers custom, sustainable solutions to help you reach your organizing goals. Whether it be managing paperwork, eliminating clutter, or better space utilization, Before & After is dedicated to helping you achieve your vision of an organized space. Together, we will set up realistic systems tailored to your personality and lifestyle, while educating you on how to sustain these new systems.


Our Process

  • 20–30-minute free phone consultation to assess your vision and organizing goals and determine if we are a fit for your project

  • Initial in-person session where we will assess the project, discuss your lifestyle & needs, take photos, and outline a step-by-step plan

  • Subsequent hands-on working sessions 

  • Purchasing any needed items

  • Project completion and maintenance plan


 Our Steps

  • Sort: see what you have and group like items together

  • Decide: donate (whenever possible) or discard

  • Place & Contain: every item is assigned a home 

  • Label: maintain systems by knowing where items belong

Let Before & After help you achieve your vision of a life with less clutter, more space and greater productivity!

About Us

Hi, I'm Jan!

I have always been known as an organized, list making, get-it-done kind of person. I genuinely enjoy re-arranging spaces to make them more efficient and transforming anything from messy to not! But I haven’t always been an organizer; for years I was an attorney, juggling multiple clients, projects, and a lot of paperwork. In a profession where time is money, my organizational and time management skills were key to my productivity. I began helping others seeking a transformation of their offices and homes. I loved working together and taking people from their “before” to their “after” vision. Seeing the difference I was making in people’s lives was all the motivation I needed, and so in 1997 I left the legal profession and started Before & After. 


Through Before & After, I bring my passion for organizing, my attention to detail, and my project management skills to every client. Additionally, I take my client’s confidentiality and privacy very seriously. I am a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization and a Golden Circle Member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals and adhere to their codes of ethics. 


Institute for Challenging Disorganization

Foundation Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization

Level 1 Certificate of Study in ADHD

Level 1 Certificate of Study in Understanding Hoarding Behavior

Learn More about me through my feature on "Meet the Elite Podcast", and on "Thank God For Monday"!

Jan holding a notepad, standing outside.
What People Say

What People Say

Marlene G.

Thank you for helping me accomplish my goal for the new year.  Your hard work, skills and high energy level brought out my enthusiasm for tackling tasks I had long dreaded and postponed and wouldn’t have done by myself.  I will never forget how much you helped me.  

Partner at a NYC Law Firm

I loved Jan's session, particularly her flexibility in identifying what might work.  Her suggestions were helpful, she listened well and I feel like it made a big difference for me.

Nancy S.

I am grateful for the way in which you tackled my “before”.  You listened to my situation, you studied my outline, you observed my workspace and you thoughtfully planned and brought me to the “after”. 

Joan T.

In an office structure I am not generally organized, but I can usually find what I am looking for, although it sometimes takes me longer than I would like. However, after our consultation and your alteration and reorganization of my office workspace I am very pleased to tell you I am elated with the results! I am able to locate files, correspondence or documents almost instantly.  Thank you for putting me in such good order.

Marci R.

Jan's work was life-changing! She was extremely patient and thorough when working on organizing my ENTIRE house. She pushed me when needed and pulled back when she sensed that I wasn't yet ready. She was very mindful and understanding of my mental state as this project was a difficult undertaking for me. Her to-do lists and text messages helped keep me motivated and feeling both positive and successful. My family and I cannot thank her enough!!!

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