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9 Quick Organizing Tips When You Don’t Have a Lot of Time

9 Quick Organizing Tips When You Don’t Have a Lot of Time

Life can get pretty hectic, and finding time to organize might feel impossible. But having a clutter-free space can make you feel so much better! Here are a few super quick organizing tips to help you tidy up, even when you're really busy. 

1. The 5-Minute Tidy-Up

Got five minutes? Great! Set a timer and pick a small area to tackle, like your desk, a countertop, or a single drawer. Or, simply go around putting away any items that aren’t in their proper place. Simultaneously, remove easy-to-spot items that you would like to discard or donate. You'll be amazed at how much you can get done. Next time you have five minutes to spare, pick another area. Little bursts of effort, done continually, can make a big difference and keep things from getting out of hand.

2. Focus on Key Areas

Think about the spots in your home that you use the most, like the kitchen counter, your workspace, or the entryway. These areas tend to get cluttered quickly. Piles of newspapers, junk mail, cups, chargers, and hair supplies, just to name a few of the items that land there. Discard and relocate whatever you can to open up the space. Think about what items need to live in the space and then decide the best way to containerize them. Perhaps a tray for keys in the entryway or a bowl on the kitchen counter for chargers and other electronics. By keeping these high-traffic zones tidy, you’ll feel more organized overall. Plus, a clean kitchen counter makes cooking so much more enjoyable!

3. Declutter Daily Essentials

Take a few minutes to sort through the items you use every day, like your bag, wallet, or daily planner. Toss out unnecessary receipts, expired coupons, and anything else that’s just taking up space. Restock supplies that are constants such as tissues, lip balm, and mints. This small habit keeps your daily essentials organized and helps you start each day with a clean slate.

4. Don’t Forget the Car

Our cars have become an extension of our homes. Whether you are commuting to work or driving carpool, spending more time in our cars has become the new normal. Cars require organizing as much as our homes do. Discard any garbage, go through the glove compartment, and sort trunk items. Restock supplies such as paper towels, tissues, pen/paper, mints, etc. Schedule a time to drop off the returns or donation items from all your quick tidying that you’ve been driving around with!

5. The Refrigerator

Old, expired items in the refrigerator can take up valuable shelf and door space. The fridge and occasionally the freezer are perfect areas for a five or ten minute tidy. Toss expired items and things that are never used. A perfect time to do this is before food shopping. Knowing what you don’t need to purchase will save you money, and a cleared out fridge makes it quicker to put groceries away. Done regularly, it will even extend the life of your appliance because an overstocked fridge doesn’t allow for air circulation. A good rule to follow is keeping three-quarters of the fridge full and leaving one-quarter open so air circulates.  

6. Bulk Supplies

Purchases of large quantities of cleaning supplies, paper goods,and staples (think canned items, boxes of pasta) are typically stored in out-of-daily sight areas such as basements and garages. Take 10 minutes and sort items together to make it easier to see what you have. Get rid of any expired food and restock your main area from these extras. Remember to check this stock before hitting the store to prevent rebuying of items you already have.

7. The Phone

When we are waiting for an appointment, or have 10 minutes to spare, the automatic go-to is scrolling social media or checking emails. Instead, use this time to declutter your phone. Delete unused apps that clutter your home screen. Delete duplicate photos and organize like photos into albums to make finding those photos later on easier. Delete old voicemails and contacts.

8. Use Baskets and Bins

Baskets and bins are your best friends when it comes to quick organizing. Use them to gather loose items that don’t have a home yet. For example, a basket in the living room can hold magazines, remote controls, and other small items. Labeling the bins helps keep things easy to find and ensures that anyone in the family knows how to find things and put them back.

9. One-In, One-Out Rule

Here’s a simple trick to keep clutter at bay: for every new item you bring in, let go of an old one. This works for clothes, books, kitchen gadgets, and more.And if your space is small, or has excessive items, consider doing one-in, two-out. Both rules are great ways to maintain balance and prevent your space from getting overcrowded with stuff. 


Organizing doesn’t have to be a huge, time-consuming task. With these five quick tips, you can keep your space clutter-free without spending a lot of time. Just a few small, consistent efforts can make a big difference. Give these tips a try and enjoy a more organized and stress-free environment!

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